1. Can We Make Your Product?
HECHANGLONG includes an embroidery factory and a garment factory, we also have a special printing department and can provide FBO service for our customers.

We can accept orders for any type of textile and embroidery production, not only for garments, but we are best at producing complex garments, such as hand-beaded, fully embroidered dresses without fabric, custom-made fashion for runway shows.
2. Domestic or Overseas Clothing Manufacturer,And Company Details?
HECHANGLONG is a garment manufacturer in China, we have an embroidery factory and a garment factory, as well as a department dedicated to digital printing and ironing, we are one of the few manufacturers who can do almost the whole garment manufacturing process independently, ordinary factories either can't take care of the whole process or can't offer some special effects and processes to our customers. We can offer FOB to our customers and do it independently.

Our advantages:
1. Lower quotation, delivery time and quality will not be a problem, as 'Made in China' has well illustrated, unlike many Southeast Asian countries which are also manufacturing oriented. And China is not affected by the epidemic.
2. More professional, our company has been working with many customers in France and UK for more than 10 years, we have experience of working across borders and our customers are mostly luxury brands and designer brands
3. More reliable, the garment industry is different from other industries, whether the garment manufacturer is reliable is very important, the importance is even higher than the offer, because late delivery may lead to out-of-season garments, subtle differences can lead to poor fit or bad effect, as a garment manufacturer for more than 20 years, we put the promised delivery date and quality in the first place, this is also our rule of survival for many years
FOB (a series of services from the purchase of fabrics and accessories, product proofing, production, packaging, ironing and shipping.)

3. What is the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?
We will not neglect any customer, and we will accept even a couture order. We will quote according to the quantity and complexity of the process.
4. Can We Provide Product Samples?
Of course, we can provide sample pictures to your email, or we can send samples to your company by mail if you are willing to wait.
5. What Are We Fees and Shipping Costs?
We have cooperated with transport service providers for many years, and we will inform you of the sample and final shipping costs when you place your order. Of course, you can also contact your partner freight forwarder and let them communicate with us about the final delivery procedures
6. What Other Brands Have We Worked With?
We work for many luxury brands and independent designer labels, including McQueen, Alexander Wang, VALENTINO, REISS,etc. We welcome you to our office to see the ready-to-wear garments we have produced for those brands. For each production order we leave a sample of our production in our exclusive room for remembrance, but we do not produce fakes for other brands nor do we disclose the privacy of our customers, we need to keep the production process and fabric composition, accessories, etc. confidential.

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