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The Experts In Garment Manufacturing and Embroidery you only need to provide Ideas or Garment Samples


with the


There are more benefits to place an order directly with the manufacturer, and welcome to visit HECHANGLONG's factory at any time.Garment,Haute Couture,Embroidered decorations, embroidered phone cases, hats or overalls with embroidery,We can all manufacture

Price Advantage
No trade intermediaries to earn the price difference.Manufactured directly by us.

We use the best BARUDAN computerized embroidery machines and team of experienced professionals

Thanks to the many partnerships with other companies, we have become good at what we do, namely manufacturing.

Time saving
We take over the production process,packaging and labelling.even distribute the clothing to your B2B customers and to the consumer. This allows the brand to focus on creating and selling brand value.

What we offer

Private labels

All you have to do is tell us your vision and we will put it into practice. From sketches in your head to finished productions. We guarantee simplicity with a focus on child’s play when it comes to production. In addition, you can rely on 100% transparency.

This allows us to take care of the designs, technical drawings, sampling process and production. In addition, we also take care of the packaging and labelling. In short, we take care of the pdoruction from A to Z.

In this way, the brand does not have to burden the production process anymore…



whether it is embroidery products or garment production or textile accessories we can produce(Haute Couture, Hand Beading,printed T-shirts, Suits, wool knitwear, down jackets, hats, workwear with embroidery, embroidered decorations, velcro, embroidered phone cases,etc...), send samples or provide pictures or describe your ideas in the mail, tell us the quantity you need and delivery time,

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