What are the types of embroidery? Classification of machine embroidery
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Embroidery is only a process, not a specific product. Embroidery can be applied anywhere as long as designers give full play to their imagination. Conventional applications are similar to embroidered clothes, pillow cases, cloth sofas, embroidered crafts, key chains, wallets, mobile phone cases, masks and so on Now let's understand the differences in the classification and technology of embroidery!
1. Flat Embroidery Flat embroidery is the most widely used embroidery in embroidery. As long as it is a material that can be embroidered, it can be used as flat embroidery.
2. Stereoscopic(3D) Embroidery Stereoscopic (3D) Embroidery is a three-dimensional pattern formed by wrapping EVA glue inside with embroidery thread. It can be produced on ordinary plain embroidery. (EVA adhesive has different thickness, hardness and color).
3. Hollow 3D Embroidery Hollow 3D embroidery can be produced on ordinary plain embroidery. It is embroidered by using foam glue similar to three-dimensional embroidery. After embroidery, wash the foam glue with a dry cleaner to form a middle hollow. (the surface of styrofoam is smooth, usually 1 ~ 5mm thick)
4. Chenille Embroidery The effect is like sticking a towel cloth. It feels soft and has a variety of colors. During embroidery, through the special towel machine head, the ordinary embroidery thread is hooked up from the bottom of the machine and wound one coil after another to bring out the towel effect.
5. Fluffy Embroidery Fluff embroidery can be produced on ordinary plain embroidery machines, but flocking needles need to be installed. The principle of embroidery is to use the hook on the flocking needle to hook the fiber wool on the flannel cloth and plant it on another cloth.
6. Bead Embroidery The beads with the same shape and size are connected in series into a rope like material, and then embroidered on the flat embroidery machine with bead embroidery device. The bead embroidery device can be installed on the first or last needle of the head of the specified model, and then carry out novel bead embroidery. 2mm to 12mm bead sizes can be installed. (Note: bead embroidery device is required)
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